Sunday, May 18, 2008

Ashlee Simpson And Pete Wentz Will Marry This Weekend

Ashlee Simpson And Pete WentzAshlee Simpson and Pete Wentz will wed Saturday, May 17 at a “top secret” location, a source close to the couple told US Magazine.

“Proper invites have not been sent out but instead guests have been given a save the date notice,” the source said.

The rehearsal dinner – described by the source as “an intimate affair” for “family and close friends only” – will take place on Friday.

On Saturday, “all guests will be transported in shuttles to the wedding location,” the source explained.

Regarding Simpson’s upcoming wedding, her spokesperson told: “This is a private matter. There is nothing to confirm.”

Monday, May 5, 2008

Paris Hilton Is A Low Down Dirty Style Stealer!

Paris Hilton stole a lady’s style and she is suing mad. reports Nicole O’Neill, a Los Angeles woman, filed suit against Paris for allegedly stealing her “look” in L.A. Superior Court on October 18th.

In a personal injury complaint filed in Los Angeles Superior Court on Oct. 18, Nicolle O’Neill claims she suffers “emotional distress” because of Hilton and accuses the socialite of ripping off her style, including fashion-related “patens” [sic] and “stiling” [sic] tips.

Two pages of handwritten documents spell out specific charges against Paris, including a claim the socialite stole O’Neill’s idea to expose her “je-streeng underware (bikiny)” [sic] under her pants. O’Neill also claims Paris swiped her idea to shop in vintage stores for ’60s-style dresses.

To top it all off, O’Neill is asking for “BILLIONS” in damages. OMG! This chick is loonier than Britney Spears. Note to self, if you are suing someone for billions of dollars, have a 5th grader spell check your writing before submitting the court docs.

Tara Reid's Caribbean Vacation

Plastic surgery victim and perennial party girl Tara Reid soaked up the sun in celeb-heavy St. Barts over her Christmas holiday. Though we assume she was excited for vacation, we're also not sure if it's really vacation when you party all the time anyway.

Tara showed off her new and improved beach bod, the result of some touch-ups to her previously botched boob job and liposuction. She looked slender as can be in the outfit on the left (that's a Santa hat, by the way), but as you can see on the right, it's hard to fix a frankentummy. Normally we'd have sympathy, but she brought the frankenpooch on herself in a bid for a career boost.

A commenter at Celebrity Warship claims their parents saw Tara on St. Maarten too. Take it with a grain of salt, but the sighting wouldn't be surprising given that the island is a major gateway to St. Barts. No one's saying exactly where she stayed yet, but we'll guess it was the Guanahani. Not that "Posh" is Tara's middle name, but the place has 3 bars.

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